Respite Voucher Program

Program INFO

The Respite Voucher Program provides monetary vouchers currently funded by the State of Nevada Fund for a Healthy Nevada for respite care to families caring for young or adult children, birth through lifespan, with the onset of the disability prior to age 22.  All of Nevada’s counties are eligible for this program, with the exception of Clark County.  During FY13, 122 families have received more than 14,000 hours of care through the Respite Voucher Program.
• I never knew how much I needed respite care until this amazing gift was given.

• Due to receiving respite care, my family and I are able to cope with the responsibilities of having a member of our family with special needs in a less stressed manner.

• The Respite Voucher Program is a much-needed present to all of us who are caretakers. In my case, I really appreciate the gift of time so that I may destress and be able to care for my grandson with all the love and caring that his mom would have given him. My daughter passed away of pneumonia when he was 8 months old so I am mom, dad, and grandma. Thank you very much for all you do.

• This has been a tremendous service for our family and our marriage.

• Respite care has been a godsend. The entire family benefits, and I’m even going back to school to further my education and make us more self-sufficient.

• Respite has definitely made my life less stressful. I would not leave my child at home in any situation, but respite has made me feel so much less guilty having someone watch him, when I could otherwise not afford it. Stress is relieved from the guilt, and I don’t have to worry about resentment. Thank you so much. Respite makes me a much better parent.

• Respite gives families the opportunity to do normal activities with other family members and friends. I don’t have the energy to be a 24/7 caregiver. This is a great program that gives caregivers a breather so we can continue doing what we do.

• Respite is vital to keeping our family together, caring for ourselves, and caring for one another so that we can continue caring for our loved one that can’t take care of herself.

• Before receiving respite, we were unable to go to church anymore due to our child’s behavior. With respite, we are able to go so we can at least get the spiritual respite we need. It helps a lot. It would be hard to attend certain events without respite, plus we really need the break.

• Respite funding is a blessing. As my son gets older, it is getting harder on me as a single mom. My daughter also feels responsible to help me with my son. Respite money allows me a few hours to collect myself which is important for both of my children.

• Respite care has made a profound impact on our family. We have been able to take some time away, allowing ourselves to be recharged from the stresses of raising and caring for a child with special needs. It is amazing what even a couple hours of a break can do, clearing my mind and allowing me to return home more focused.

• Because the Respite Voucher Program allows us to hire friends and family, and people we and our family members are comfortable with, we do not fear neglect or mistreatment. This program serves as a reminder for us as caregivers to take care of our needs as well as our family member’s needs. My husband and I can really get a new perspective on life when we take time for us.

• I feel refreshed and more at peace because of the respite care I am able to receive. I am more patient with my children and a more loving parent. Respite time gives me an opportunity to spend time with my friends, relax, grocery shop or even clean house. Without a doubt, our lives are greatly improved.

• As parents with 2 children with disabilities, we need time away to relax so we can be the parents we need to be for our kids. It is physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

• When mom is less stressed because she has a chance to do something for herself, the whole family benefits from her increased patience, enthusiasm, and joy.

• Without the benefits of having on-going respite care for my family, we would have to consider placing a member of our family in a group home due to personal demands and care that is required for someone with special needs. Respite care gives us a chance to regroup and continue caring for our family member.

• With a child with special needs in our family, respite care services have allowed me to bring a refreshed and happier outlook to the in-home behavior therapy I provide, as well as give me and my family better quality time when we are all together.



Families across Nevada (excluding Clark County) can use vouchers to choose respite care options based on their unique needs for children and adults with disabilities diagnosed before age 22.