• Teen RAVE is the one place I can take my daughter where I know she will have fun, I know she won't be judged, and I know she looks forward to going. There are very few places I can say that about.

• My stress levels definitely decrease because of Teen RAVE. We do daily countdowns of how many more days until a Teen RAVE event because my son is so excited to go. We are so excited for him because he doesn’t really have any opportunities to hang out with typical teenagers. The Teen RAVE volunteers are amazing—so kind and caring. I love how genuinely interested they are in the kids and how much they want to provide them with a good time.

• It is a great stress reliever just knowing that my son had someplace safe to go so that we could relax. He had a great time and we were able to feel that for a couple of hours a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. Most people don't understand that you have to be watching and aware 24 hours a day when you have a child with special needs. Just to have that 2 hour break is amazing.

• As a single mom, Jr. RAVE has given me time to recharge my battery every month. My kids get to experience things that I wouldn’t be able to expose them to because of a financial situation. They get a lot of attention when they go to Jr. RAVE and get to hang out with kids they’ve known for years. We love Jr. RAVE and couldn’t imagine what our lives would be like without this service and the great people that run it.


Teen RAVE and Jr. RAVE

Program INFO

Teen RAVE and Jr. RAVE programs provide respite care to Washoe County families caring for youth ages 13-22 (as long as they are enrolled in the Washoe County School District) and 7-12, respectively, with disabilities or special needs one night per month.  The youth enjoy participating in community activities with volunteers who have been trained by the RAVE Family Center.  The overall purpose of these programs is to encourage child-to-child interaction and build social skills in a variety of community environments. Some of these fun events include bowling, mini-golf, rock climbing, cooking classes, and game nights, all while giving the families a much needed and deserved break.  Donations have also been made in the memory of a very special young lady who had Down Syndrome, who passed away in May of 2009.


While families receive respite care, their youth with special needs are encouraged to engage in social skills with peers in such activities as bowling, cooking classes and rock climbing, among others.