The volunteers of the RAVE Family Center are the cornerstone of the program.  Our dedicated volunteers are trained, supervised, and educated at every respite session, and their generously donated time is essential in order for the families to receive respite.  High school volunteers, under the supervision of Respite Supervisors, care for, comfort, nurture, and engage with the children while parents receive a “break” from their care giving responsibilities.  

After receiving an initial training in the care of young children with special needs, each student commits to volunteering an average of 8 hours per month caring for RAVE children.  Over the past 5 years, the amount of volunteer hours totals to 22,221.8, and is estimated at $220,000 of in-kind services.  This data shows the positive and overwhelming impact that these volunteers have had on our community. 

The majority of our high school students volunteer for 2+ years and some volunteer all 4 years of their high school career.  Based on their experiences at RAVE, volunteers often choose to pursue careers in special education, medicine, therapy, and early childhood education.  We truly believe that our volunteers are the best around and we are honored to have them open their hearts to the families and children of the NNRFF!